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Speakers | AutoTech: Europe 2023

David GreenCTOLynk & Co

David Green is Chief Technology Officer at Lynk & Co, a role that in that closest tailor-made for this self-proclaimed tech geek and digital geek innovator.

David enjoys living in an era of opportunity for new brands, there the consumer electronics and automotive worlds (finally) get to meet. David is driven by an almost insatiable desire to challenge the norms and changing the way the world views and uses mobility. 

At Lynk & Co found he the perfect platform for this. Before David started within one of the world's most promising startup company, he was responsible for e-commerce, mobility concepts for connected and self-driving vehicles in cities,
as well as innovation for the dealer and business operations within Volvo Cars. Some examples of solutions he has been involved in developing at Volvo is a patented digital key, the introduction of the "In-Car Delivery" service, a concept for car sharing between private individuals as well as the strategic
the collaboration with Microsoft which led to a number of innovative solutions, such as the HoloLens Augmented Reality Retail Experience.

As Chief Technology Officer at Lynk & Co, David is responsible for monitor the digitization of the company's automotive products and future mobility solutions. His work at Lynk & Co mainly focuses on it the connected car and the ecosystem around it


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